Welcome to the Lab

Here you'll find a collection of stand-alone demos, concepts and experiments. They were built to test and show off what's achievable with a little inside knowledge of today's web technologies, and hopefully to inspire others to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Prrple Lab Facebook Photo Gallery

Facebook Photos

Connect to Facebook to generate a simple gallery from photos you've been tagged in. This demo uses Facebook's open graph API, allowing users to authenticate and use the app to interact with their data; in this case, their recent photos.

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Prrple Lab Hashtag API


Type in a hashtag, hit enter and watch as real-time search results from Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram populate the background with images, tweets and blog posts. This simple demo utilises search API's for a variety of social networks to deliver an array of up-to-date content.

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Prrple Lab LastFM API Explorer

LastFM Explorer

Type in any musical artist, click 'go' and watch as live stats and recommendations are brought in straight from LastFM, and presented visually for you to see. The app connects to the LastFM API to query their data in real time using some custom javascript and php functions. Data is cached for speed and reliability.

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Imagine the Possibilities

Below are just a few of the services we've already tapped into, using official developer API's to build cool stuff that utilises openly available information. Things get particularly awesome when you start merging the capabilities of these tools - all you have to do is come up with the ideas that haven't been done before!