Open Source Facebook API Wrapper in Javascript

13th November 2014  -  by Alex Bimpson  -  0 Comments

I've been using a simple jQuery wrapper framework for Facebook's Open Graph API for a few years now. It's something that I wrote, and has been improved upon over the past few years. It started off as just the basics, and has grown as the requirements have grown with various projects.

The general idea is that it takes all the pain out of using Facebook's javascript SDK - you just drop this file into your project, and all the most common requirements are there, ready and waiting to be used with just a few lines of code.

This API wrapper has been written for my own apps, and used extensively. That doesn't mean to say it's the best, most foolproof way of doing things, it's just how I do it. I've open sourced it on the off chance that someone else might benefit from it, as well as for feedback, advice, suggestions and recommendations on how to improve it. Hopefully it'll come in useful for someone!

Read the documentation at and download the source code on GitHub.

by Alex Bimpson

Web designer and developer, and founder of Prrple. Works at Kerve, and studied Architecture at the University of Bath.


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